Trafficking Native Creatives

These instructions will show you how to traffic native creatives for a native direct-sold campaign using the Native Ad Blueprints solution.  

Configuring your native campaign and line item

The campaign and line item creation process is the same with the exception of adding creatives. If you are unfamiliar with the standard campaign setup process, please refer to the following articles:

Adding native creatives

Once you have reached the stage in the line item setup to add a creative, select “Start Building Ads” or the smaller “Add” button on the side of the “Linked Creatives” section.

In the window that pops up, select “Native Ad” from the top menu bar. The “Native Creative Builder” form along with two preview panes should appear.

  1. Name your new creative
  2. Search for the blueprint design of the ad slot you are trafficking into
  3. Input the click URL
  4. Input the fields for your blueprint. At this time, LiveIntent supports the following blueprint fields:
    • Headline text
    • Image URL
    • Body text
    • Call to Action
    • Sponsored By - If applicable to your blueprint
  5. Save & Review
    • If your native creative looks incorrect please notify your LiveIntent team
  6. Add any third-party trackers or external IDs, if required

You can now save and review your ad slot.

Linking line items to native ad slots

The final step in trafficking a native ad is linking it to your ad slot. On the line item details page, you should see several options to “Link Ad Slots”. Once selected, another window will pop up requesting you to select ad slots to link to this line item.

The ad slots you can link to are restricted to the ad slots that support the blueprint used for your native creatives. If you have more than one native creative or added standard IAB sizes to the line item, you will have the ability to link all eligible ad slots for both native and display based on the sizes allowed.

If you see this message:

There are no ad slots that support the creative sizes associated with this line item.

Please check the selected creative's dimensions match the supported
dimensions in the ad slots you want to link.

Then you do not have any ad slots that support the blueprint you used. Please reach out to your LiveIntent account manager or check the ad slot you are trying to link.


After the creative has been linked to the native ad slot, your LiveIntent account manager will send a test for your final approval.

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