Back-up “Default” Creatives with Flashtalking

Ad serving with dynamic creatives allows advertisers to personalize their messaging based on triggers happening in real-time, such as location or weather. Many advertisers will use a DSP partner to buy LiveIntent inventory, and then use Flashtalking to serve the dynamic creative.

When setting up the Flashtalking decision tree, we strongly recommend that every dynamic creative has a back-up, or default, creative with generic messaging.



Because Flashtalking’s targeting logic can work differently than a DSP’s targeting logic, occasionally the dynamic creative rendering will fail when delivering an email ad. If there is no back-up creative configured, then Flashtalking will return a blank image. Setting up a default creative will ensure that you are still reaching consumers with an ad that encourages action, and not wasting impressions on blank creatives.

Please reach out to your LiveIntent team if you have any questions.

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