Adjust In-App Implementation Instructions

This guide walks you through how to configure LiveIntent in your Adjust account for attribution and in-app event data through automated callbacks.

First, use our basic setup instructions to turn on Adjust’s integration and send callbacks to LiveIntent. Then, use our advanced setup instructions to customize what information you want LiveIntent to receive.


Basic Setup

Before you begin: Ask your LiveIntent representative for your APP ID.

1. Go into your Adjust platform, find your app and select your app options caret (^).
2. Select ‘Partner Setup’, then ‘ADD PARTNERS’.
3. Select the add (+) icon next to ‘LiveIntent’
4. Enter your APP ID

Optional: see advanced setup to customize your callbacks

5. Select ‘Save’
6. Now that Basic Setup is complete, you can create an Adjust tracker URL and submit it to LiveIntent to launch your campaign.

LiveIntent will now receive callbacks for these specific activities:

  • Install
  • Session
  • Reattribution
  • Event

Please note: Be sure to send all of the activity for a specific event to LiveIntent, not just the activity which is attributed to LiveIntent. When LiveIntent receives the callbacks for all activities of a specific event, it allows LiveIntent to build a more robust audience for suppression so that your ad spend is truly optimized towards audiences who have not yet converted. This will also provide additional learnings to target people who are more likely to convert on their offerings.


Advanced Setup

Forward In-App Revenue

In-app revenue forwarding lets LiveIntent receive revenue amounts along with your revenue event data.

Before you begin: Make sure to link at least one revenue event to Liveintent before turning on In-App Revenue Forwarding.

  1. Find your app in the Adjust platform and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select ‘Partner Setup’, then ‘LiveIntent’
  3. Turn on ‘In-App Revenue Forwarding’

Liveintent will now receive the revenue amount for every tracked transaction.


Forward Sessions

Adjust does not automatically send session callbacks due to the high volume of sessions.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select ‘Partner Setup’, then ‘LiveIntent’
  3. Turn on ‘Session Forwarding’

LiveIntent will now receive your app’s session activity.


Forward Custom Data

Partner parameters available in Adjust SDK version 4.0+ let Adjust collect custom data points from your app and then send them to LiveIntent.

Before you begin: Before adding new partner parameters to the Adjust SDK, make sure no pre-existing partner parameters already fit your requirements.

  1. Set up partner parameters within the Adjust SDK. Here are instructions for iOS, ask your Adjust representative for Android instructions. 
  2. In the Adjust dashboard, find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  3. Select ‘Partner Setup’, then ‘LiveIntent’
  4. Turn on ‘Parameter Forwarding’
  5. Select ‘Partner Parameter Mapping’
  6. In the ‘FROM APP’ field, enter the name of your Adjust parameter (as written into the Adjust SDK). in the ‘TO PARTNER’ field, enter your corresponding LiveIntent name.
  7. Select ‘Save’.

LiveIntent will now receive custom event details for each of your linked events.

Please note: If you set up partner parameters within the Adjust SDK without turning on Partner Parameter Mapping, Adjust will forward the parameters as named in the Adjust SDK.


Forward In-App Events

Event linking lets LiveIntent receive in-app event data. You can link every in-app event in Adjust to a preset LiveIntent name of a custom event name. 

  1. In the Adjust dashboard, find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select ‘Partner Setup’, ‘LiveIntent’, then ‘Event Linking’
  3. Find the event you want to link and update the field with a LiveIntent event or your own custom name
  4. When you finish linking the events, select ‘OK’
  5. Select ‘Save’

LiveIntent will now receive in-app event data for each of your linked events.


List of All Parameters Forwarded to LiveIntent

LiveIntent requires Adjust to send the following parameters (data points) with your callbacks:

Placeholder Information


Adjust device ID (all platforms)


Android ID (Android only)


Device city


Device two-character country code


Device type


Fire OS advertising identifier


Google Play Store advertising ID


ID for advertisers (iOS only)


Uppercase iOS ID for vendors


Device IP address


Device operating system


Custom partner parameters collected by the Adjust SDK or S2S request and transmitted to third party providers via postbacks


Random user ID (per device)


Revenue, in US dollars


Incoming raw user agent


Type of user activity


Store App ID or Google Play Store


Name of the app


Activity timestamp

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