Dynamic Product Ads: Product Feed Specs

We are compatible with the Google and Facebook product feed specs, but we only require a subset of their required attributes. Additional attributes that are sent will be omitted, but should not cause any issues.

Size: Our limit is 500,000 rows of products (all of which should have an availability set to 'in stock'). 

File Format: .csv, .tsv, .txt, XML

Product Feed Specs:

Required Attributes

id required product SKU - often the ID of a certain variant of a product, example: Button-Down Shirt, blue
availability optional if not available in the product feed, we assume all products in the feed are available
description required Description of the product, not currently used in the dynamic creatives
image_link required URL to the product image
link required URL to the product on the website
title required Title of the product
price required Regular price of the product
sale_price optional Sale price of the product
item_group_id optional in contrast to id, this item_group_ids stands for product/items groups. For example, all colors of Button-Down shirts. 

Note: In the description attribute (and elsewhere), there are often unexpected characters like quotation marks that can cause problems parsing the product catalog feed. We do our best to sanitize as much as we can, but their presence can still result in errors if those characters are not removed accordingly.

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