LiveRamp Integration

LiveIntent & LiveRamp 
You can easily access the CRM data you’ve onboard to LiveRamp within LiveIntent, running display ad campaigns within email just as you would in another DSP, and without using a cookie. 
LiveIntent can match customer email segments to 120MM+ email openers across 800+ premium publishers, and help maximize your CRM goals — whether you want to reactivate, reward, acquire and covert, or personalize. 
How it works
Using LiveIntent’s real-time optimization, your ads will be served to the exact user you want to reach, without using a cookie. 
  1. Upload valuable customer data to LiveRamp 
  2. To distribute your audience data to LiveIntent, select LiveIntent as a Destination Account via LiveRamp Connect Portal
  3. Custom audience segments are distributed to LiveIntent, where they can be used to buy on the LiveIntent Platform 
  4. Provide your LiveRamp Account ID to your LiveIntent Account Manager. This should be a 32-character alphanumerical ID.
  5. Provide the segment IDs to your LiveIntent Account Manager. 

    For more information refer to the LiveRamp Onboarding Document
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