Setting up your CNAME


A Canonical Name, or CNAME record, is a type of Domain Name System (DNS) record that maps an alias name to a true canonical domain name. LiveIntent uses this alias as the tag domain. 

Your system administrator, or whoever has set up your domain name, can help create a CNAME record. 

The use of a CNAME improves the reader's experience as your links will appear to be coming from your domain and allows email inbox filters to see and recognize content that's authentic to you, the publisher. 


Setting up an SSL CNAME with LiveIntent

It is important to use an SSL CNAME for your email monetization. To get started:

  1. Publisher provides the subdomain they would like to use as the CNAME, in the format “” (sli standing for Secure-LiveIntent).
  2. LiveIntent requests an SSL Certificate for the CNAME from the certificate authority on the publisher’s behalf.
  3. LiveIntent provides the publisher with two (2) CNAMEs that need to be added to the publisher’s Domain Name System (DNS) records to verify the certificate request and set up the CNAME Redirect.
  4. Once the publisher has added these records, it typically takes between 3-8 hours for the certificate to be generated.
  5. Once the certificate has been generated, LiveIntent adds the subdomain to our platform to allow redirecting traffic, which takes between 2-3 hours.
  6. LiveIntent will confirm that the CNAME alias name is successfully redirecting to the destination.

Please refer to the CNAME FAQ for any questions about CNAMEs. If you have any further questions around SSL Certificate secured CNAMEs, feel free to reach out to us at


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