Campaign Troubleshooting Checklist

There are times where a campaign may seem to have slowed or stopped its spending. 

Use the checklist below as a guide as to what may have gone wrong, including checking the campaign setup, the campaign pacing, and campaign budget. 

Check the campaign setup

  1. Make sure that the campaign setup is correctly
  2. If the setup is correctly, take a look at the campaign setup overall and the template it’s running on
  3. If there is targeting on a campaign, understand how much inventory is available. One way to do this is to use our Reporting tool and look at past impression data based on the targeting set on the campaign 

Example: If you have a campaign that is geo-targeted and gender-targeted, you may not see as many impressions being served as you would like.

  1. By going into the reporting tool, you can select the sections/template/publisher that the campaign is linked to and filter by the appropriate geo and gender.
  2. Looking at it’s past ID history (the past 7 days should be enough) you can see how much of their inventory fits the targeting requirement. It may be that they cannot meet the expected budget of the campaign. 

Check the campaign pacing

If you are looking to have the campaign as fast as possible, make sure the "Pacing" setting of the campaign is set to “ASAP." 

Check the campaign budget

Make sure there isn’t a budget cap on the campaign. If there is a budget cap set, understand your total budget and how you want the campaign to pace (and, the budget cap may be too low if you’re not seeing enough spend)

Other Common Causes

Updated Flight Dates

Changing the flight dates or budget of a campaign can have unwanted effects to its spend if the pacing is set to even because our system calculates pacing based on the start and end of the campaign, regardless of when the change was made.

In turn, this does not account for the budget that has already been spent. If a change was made to either the budget or flight dates, and it is not spending or pacing fast enough, it is recommended to end the current line item and create a new one based on the new changes. This will cause our system to recalculate the pacing appropriately.

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