Create Line Items

After you've created a campaign, you can move on to creating a line item under that campaign.

Basic Details

Parent Campaign: Choose the campaign for this line item.

Line Item Name: Enter the name of the line item.

Status: We recommend keeping the status paused until you're ready to launch.

Coordinated Sponsorship Eligible: Keep this toggle off unless you are creating a Coordinated Sponsorship campaign tied to publisher inventory. Reach out to your account manager if you'd like to learn more.

Schedule and Budget

Start Date: The start date for your campaign.

End Date: The end date for your campaign.

Budget: This will be a daily or lifetime budget, depending on the campaign type chosen.

  • Daily Budget is the daily spend amount for a line item using the Maximize Clicks or Maximize Conversions performance goals. The Daily Budget amount will be spent in full every day.
  • Lifetime Budget is automatically calculated once the start/end dates and Daily Budget/Daily Cap are set for the line item.
  • The Lifetime Budget formula is (line item duration * Daily Budget/Daily Cap)
  • Daily Cap is the maximum daily spend limit for a line item using the Achieve CPA performance goal. The Daily Cap will never be exceeded but daily spend may not reach the Daily Cap limit every day.
    • We suggest setting a minimum of 10x the CPA goal.
    • Example: If the CPA goal is $40, then Daily Cap is $400 (10 x $40 CPA)
    • If 0 is inserted, your campaign will not spend.

Adjusting Line Item End Date or Daily Budget:

  • Adjusting the line item end date will proportionately impact your Lifetime Budget. This is because the Lifetime Budget formula takes into account the days remaining for your line item flight. 
    • For example, if you extend your line item flight, your Lifetime Budget will increase. If you shorten your line item flight, your Lifetime Budget will decrease.
  • There is a similar effect when adjusting your Daily Budget, also due to the Lifetime Budget formula accounting for the days remaining in your line item flight.
    • For example, increasing your Daily Budget will increase your Lifetime Budget. Decreasing your Daily Budget will decrease your Lifetime Budget. 

Best Practices

When to increase the daily cap spend:

  • If the line item is hitting its daily cap spend on a consistent basis while coming in at or below the CPA Goal.
  • Increasing the daily cap spend without hitting it on a consistent basis will NOT increase scale unless you increase the CPA Goal as well.

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