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Creating A Direct-Sold or House Advertiser

1. Navigate to Campaign Manager<Campaigns and click on the ‘Create Advertiser’ button. (Note: If you don't see this field, please talk to your account team about your permissions).



2. On the ‘Create Advertiser’ Page, fill out the following fields (Note: required fields are marked with an askterisk):


Account or Publisher: Fill in your Publisher or Media Group name here to tie the direct-sold advertiser to your account.  

Advertiser Name: Complete with the name of your direct-sold advertiser.

Primary IAB Category: Fill in the Primary IAB Category of the advertiser.  

Secondary IAB Category: Fill in the Secondary IAB Category of the advertiser, if necessary. 

Account Manager/Executive - These fields are not editable for external users.

Advertiser Label - Non-searchable field for label detailing the Advertiser. 

LiveRamp ID - Use a LiveRamp ID to pass 1st-party data from LiveRamp.


Suppress Competitive Ads: This option will disable ads from the same IAB category as this advertiser to appear at the same time in your newsletter. It also prevent ads from the same IAB category appearing in the same newsletter as this advertiser across the LiveIntent exchange.  This option is not recommended, as it can decrease the amount of bids and revenue from your inventory.

Domain Blocklist: If you plan on running Audience Extension campaigns with this advertiser, you can use this space to enter publisher domains for inventory that you'd like to block this advertiser from appearing. 

3. Click Save and Exit

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