Newsletter Overview

The Newsletter Overview can be accessed by clicking on a Newsletter in the Media Group Overview or by clicking on a Newsletter title in the Publisher Overview page. On this page, you can see Newsletter details in the upper-right hand corner, as well as manage Ad Slot details and create Ad Slots.


Newsletter Details

Last Updated

The last time that the newsletter was updated.


Clicking on this will take you to the Edit Newsletter workflow.

View Tags

Click on this to view the LiveTags associated with this newsletter.

Download Tags

Click on this to download the LiveTags associated with this newsletter.

View History 

Displays the history log for the newsletter.


Click this will delete the newsletter.

IAB Category

This displays the IAB category at the newsletter level.

Active Ad Slots

This displays the number of active ad slots within the newsletter.

Created By

This displays the user who created the newsletter.

Updated By

This displays the user who last updated the newsletter.

Ad Slots

This section shows the ad slots associated with the newsletter and allows you to search and click into the ad slot detail view as well as create an Ad Slot. The Ad Slot level displays the following information: 

Active Line Item

Shows the number of line items active within the in the ad slot.


Shows the sizes enable in the ad slot and whether the dimensions are fixed.

Tag Type

Shows the type of LiveTag associated with the ad slot. Tags are either Legacy or Universal.  

Ad Type

Shows whether this is a Marquee or Fixed Ratio (Standard IAB) unit. 


This indicates whether the ad slot is Pending, Active, or Inactive.

Date Created

Shows the date the ad slot was created. 

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