How to Generate a LiveConnect Tag and Event Tags

This article is for LiveIntent's self-service users who need to generate LiveConnect base and event tags. If you are not a self-service user of the LiveIntent platform, please reach out to your account managers for your LiveConnect tags.


Generating a LiveConnect Tag is quick and easy. When doing so, you can also generate event tags (including conversion tags). Here is how to do each:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Conversion Tracker" Section

Log in to your account, go the Campaign Manager section at the top of the navigation bar, and then select the "Conversion Tracker" tab on the lefthand side of the screen. From here, select "Create Conversion Tracker."

Step 2: Create Your Event Tag


Basic Information

Advertiser: Select your account

Type: Event or URL

Use "Event" when tracking or optimizing to an event. You can choose from the following event types: Add To Cart, App Install, Email Sign Up, Form Fill, Lead, Product Purchase, Subscription, or Custom. 

Use "URL" when you want to track users that reach a specific page. When you select the URL option, a "Visited Page" field with three options will appear. The options are: Contains, Does Not Contain, and Equals. You can combine these options when tracking or optimizing to a URL.

Conversion Properties

Tracker Name: What do you want to name your conversion tracker?

Post Click Attribution Window: The default is 30 days, but you can change it to match your attribution window.

Post View Attribution Window: The default is 7 days, but you can change it to match your attribution window.

Data Source: There are two options: Track Web Events and Track In-App Events. If you are not implementing a LiveConnect Tag in your app, you should deselect the "Track In-App Events" option.

Sharing: You can share the same conversion tracker amongst multiple advertisers. If this does not apply to you, select "Do not share this pixel." 

Audience Details

Audience Name: Name the audience associated with your conversion tracker or event. 

Member Lifetime: Specify the number of days that people will stay in your audience.

Step 3: Your LiveConnect Tag and Event tags

After you press "Create," you will find your LiveConnect Base Tag at the top of the page. 


Under the section “Set Up Event Tags”, you can set up your event tags. You can select different tags.

By clicking the black arrow next to a tag, on the right hand side you’ll see the code for the conversion event. Here you can specify which parameters you would like to be included. Within this code, the event and name are required. The other parameters such as user email needs to be replaced with your own data layer variables. We encourage you to place these parameters but if you are not able to, you can remove them otherwise the tag won’t fire properly.

You can select or deselect the categories on the side by checking off the blue boxes.

Once you have configured these events, you can download all your tags at once. There are two ways to implement these tags (Click white box next to the tag). If you are the developer you can download the code directly with the “download tags” button. If you are not the developer, you can click “email tags and instructions” to send to the developer directly from Maverick. Use the “Javascript” option and not “image pixel” when sending over.

Also, you are only able to download the tags and instructions for conversion trackers that you've actually created. There are only id’s in this column for the ones that have been created.

Finally, you'll want to place all of your tags on your website and confirm with your account team that everything looks good. 

Confirm with your team that everything looks good.

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