Unlimited Budget and Priority Levels for Guaranteed Direct-Sold Campaigns

Unlimited Budget


All campaigns need to have a budget specified. This sets a target spending or impression goal that LiveIntent’s algorithm uses to pace your campaign. It also prevents your campaigns from overspending. 

For instances where pacing is not a factor, such as takeover campaigns or long-duration campaigns, you may not have an explicit budget set.

For these situations, you can set an Unlimited Budget for your campaign. Setting an Unlimited Budget will remove the spending ceiling and pacing checks, making it an optimal choice for campaigns where every impression is meant to be won. 


  • Unlimited Budget is only available for guaranteed direct-sold campaigns.
  • When setting an Unlimited Budget it is important you double-check your campaign isn’t in a position to overspend. 
  • Unlimited Budget can only be set at the campaign level. Line items within a campaign with an Unlimited Budget set will automatically have an Unlimited Budget. 
  • Once a guaranteed direct-sold campaign with an Unlimited Budget is saved, Unlimited Budget cannot be removed. To remove the Unlimited Budget setting, create a new campaign.
  • If an Unlimited Budget is set, Daily Cap will not be available at the line item level.  
  • Campaigns with line items that add Placement ID targeting will not automatically show an Unlimited Budget option. 
    • Please create a guaranteed direct-sold campaign and set an Unlimited Budget - then you can create a line item with Placement ID targeting.
    • If you are looking to Sell on a Drop, or have an advertiser run on a specific day of a newsletter send, please ensure you extend the campaign and line item's flight range. This will allow the advertisement targeted by the Placement ID to run for the desired look back window. 

Priority Levels


Priority levels can be assigned to line items within guaranteed direct-sold campaigns. These settings determine which concurrent line items within a campaign will serve first. Priority levels range from 1 to 5 with level 1 being the highest priority serving first. 

If there are multiple campaigns containing prioritized line items, the auction hierarchy will go as follows: 

  • All priority 1 campaigns serve before priority 2-5.
  • Then all priority 2 campaigns serve before priority 3-5.
  • Then all priority 3 campaigns serve before priority 4-5.
  • Then all priority 4 campaigns serve before priority 5.
  • Then priority 5 campaigns serve.
    • Share of Voice will only take over after line item priorities have been filled.
    • If there are no guaranteed campaigns, then the auction takes place [depending on your newsletter settings].


  • Priority levels are only available for guaranteed direct-sold campaigns. 
  • All guaranteed direct-sold campaigns are set to priority level 3 by default. 
    • This is so the line item starts with a neutral setting. If you have multiple line items and want a specific line item to serve first, increase the priority for the desired line item (1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest).
  • Priority levels can be switched mid-flight on the line item level. 
  • Share of Voice is only available within the same line item.
  • If during a flight period, there are remaining impressions or budget after the highest set priority has finished serving, then the next highest priority level will serve.
    • If during a flight period, there are no remaining impressions or budget before the highest set priority has finished serving, then subsequent priority line items will not serve. 
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