Creating a Lookalike Audience in Audience Manager

Note: If you manage campaigns using our self-service platform and would like to target a Lookalike Audience, please reach out to your LiveIntent team.


Lookalike Audiences help you to find more people who look and act like your best customers. It is a people-based solution that takes a seed audience of your best customers and applies our proprietary attributes with a predictive algorithm to find other customers in LiveIntent’s email exchange that look and act like that seed.


How it Works

Our modeling algorithm scores your seed audience against 350 predictive attributes to identify high-value traits and behaviors. Examples of these attributes include: device, browser, country code, age, and gender.

Then, it determines the people that are the best match from a pool of over 200M unique email addresses to create your new audience segment. With the ability to model an audience based on the traits of your best customers, you can extend your reach to more high-value prospects with unbeatable results.


How to Create a Lookalike Audience

Step 1: Create your seed audience in Audience Manager.

You can leverage your own data from a CRM or other data platform to create a Custom Audience, select a Dynamic Audience of website/app visitors, or ask LiveIntent to suggest a seed audience based on historical campaign performance.



Step 2: Create your Lookalike Audience

Once your seed audience is created, you can build a Lookalike Audience.



Best Practices

  • The seed audience: While we can create Lookalike Audiences using seed audiences that are less than 10,000 people, our best practice is to use a seed of at least 50,000 people in order to garner the best performance possible.
  • Updating a Lookalike Audience: Lookalike Audiences are automatically refreshed every 30 days from the day it was created. If you update the seed audience for that Lookalike and need it to take effect immediately, we recommend creating a new Lookalike Audience.
  • Number of Lookalike Audiences: You can create up to 5 Lookalike Audiences at one time, which may be useful if you'd like to test different Lookalike audiences at one time.
  • Audience size: You can select a size from 1% to 10% of LiveIntent's total addressable audience within the US. A 1% lookalike consists of the people most similar to your seed audience. Increasing the range will create a bigger, broader audience that is less similar to your seed audience. If this is your first time creating a Lookalike, we recommend starting with a range of 3-5%.






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