Overview of Lookalike Audiences

Note: If you manage campaigns using our self-service platform and would like to target a Lookalike Audience, please reach out to your LiveIntent team.


Lookalike Audiences help you to find more people who look and act like your best customers. It is a people-based solution that takes a seed audience of your best customers and applies our proprietary attributes with a predictive algorithm to find other customers in LiveIntent’s email exchange that look and act like that seed.


Benefits of Lookalike Audiences

Drive quality site traffic to boost performance.

Lookalike Audiences give you a way to reach a high-value audience of people who have not yet engaged with your website or mobile app, but look and act like your best customers. Because this audience exhibits similar attributes to your best customers, they have a higher likelihood of converting.

Looking to drive purchases of a particular category of products or services?

Segment your customer list to customers who have bought a specific product or service and build a LAL to segment to find people who are likely to buy similar products and services.

Leverage specialty audiences.

If you host an event, think about how you can leverage the attendee audience to push your B2B digital marketing efforts.


How to Create a Lookalike Audience

1). Leverage your definition of the ideal customer to compile a seed audience.

You can leverage your own data from a CRM or other data platform to create a Custom Audience, select a Dynamic Audience of website/app visitors, or ask LiveIntent to suggest a seed audience based on historical campaign performance.

Seed audiences should first be created in Audience Manager. If you do not have access to Audience Manager, or prefer to use another method to onboard your data, please let us know.


2). Define your campaign goals

Work with your LiveIntent Team to design a successful strategy that incorporates your audience, budget, flight dates, goals, and KPIs.


3). Create the Lookalike Audience

If you’d like to build the Lookalike Audience yourself, check out our Overview of Audience Manager page to learn how.

If you would prefer our team to build the Lookalike Audience for you, please provide your LiveIntent team with the following information:

  • The seed audience - if uploaded in Audience Manager, please provide the audience ID.
    • Note our best practice is to select a seed audience that contains at least 100,000 members.
  • The number of audiences you’d like to create (up to 5)
  • The size of each audience - Audience size ranges from 1% to 10% of LiveIntent's total addressable audience within the US. A 1% lookalike consists of the people most similar to your seed audience. Increasing the range will create a bigger, broader audience that is less similar to your seed audience.


How it Works

Our modeling algorithm scores your seed audience against 350 predictive attributes to identify high-value traits and behaviors. Examples of these attributes include: device, browser, country code, age, and gender.

Then, it determines the people that are the best match from a pool of over 200M unique email addresses to create your new audience segment. With the ability to model an audience based on the traits of your best customers, you can extend your reach to more high-value prospects with unbeatable results.




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