Impact of Apple's Mail Privacy Protection for Publishers

What is Mail Privacy Protection?

On September 20, 2021, Apple released iOS 15 and its Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature. The main repercussion of this release was the caching and preloading of an email’s remote images and pixels before a user opens the email. As a result, emails coming through the Apple Mail client now appear as opened, causing impression counts to appear inflated. This also had a direct impact on the calculation of CPM, CTR and other impression-based metrics.

Since its release, publishers, email marketers, and email technology companies alike have been developing methods to help understand the health and performance of email programs in light of MPP. Most notably, email service providers (ESPs) have begun offering filtering options to provide their estimation of ‘real-opens’, as well as ‘machine open’ metrics – an estimate of preloaded opens caused by MPP. While the calculation of these metrics varies by vendor, it is largely agreed upon that click engagement and non-Apple device performance are the cornerstones of these new, adjusted metrics. 

So what does this mean for email advertising campaigns? Navigate to the below articles to learn more about changes to our reporting and targeting.

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