Ad Specs and Creative Requirements

Please Note:
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Display Ads General Requirements 

  • Display creative sizes: 970x250, 970x550, and 300×250.
    • We can also traffic 728×90 and 320x50, but the above sizes are the base requirement for campaigns.
  • Creative Concepts
    • Please be sure to share a zip file of your creatives organized by file size > each creative concept
      • 1 Creative Concept should contain 3 top performing creatives (300x250, 970x250, + 970x550) all of the same look/feel and creative messaging
      • Please avoid mixing different file formats i.e. 1 concept – all gifs in top sizes, or all jpgs in top sizes
    • We recommend a maximum of 3 creative concepts per line item.
  • All creatives that have a white or gray background must have a border around the image of at least 1px thick.
  • Creatives have a clear “Call to Action”
  • Creatives display your company logo.

Click-Through URLs

  • Always use the original links to content.
  • Do not use or other URL shorteners. 
    • Shortened URLs are listed in Spamhaus and can negatively affect overall email delivery.
  • Please be sure to check and confirm URLs include only the approved Click-URL Macros and Accepted Characters
      • Please be sure to avoid using ${US_PRIVACY} macro as it is not supported on the backend.

Standard Display Specifications

Creative Size(s)

300×250, 970x250, 970x550, 728×90, 320x50

File Type


File Size

Maximum file size of 250KB

Animation Length 

30 seconds max; 5 fps; 3 loops

3rd Party Tags Accepted?   Yes
1x1 Tags Accepted?   Yes
 Creative Lead Time 

 3 business days prior to launch

*Please note: Images for display creatives can support a maximum file size of 250KB.


Animated GIFs Specifications

 File Size

Maximum file size of 250KB

Animation Length 

30 seconds or shorter

Please note: Animations can be looped but must stop after 30 seconds

Frame Rate

5 fps or slower

Creative Requirements

  • 3-5 creative concepts per ad size recommended
  • Complete creative rendering must be in the first frame of animation

*Please note: GIFs do not function with Native Ad Blueprints


Third-Party Tags Specifications

Assets Required 

For optimal performance, please provide 1x1 impression tracker, click tracker, and an image file per each placement.

Please make sure the Static Tags (Standard Images and/or no script section of Javascript tags) are running the same creatives as the Javascript tags in order to ensure the correct images serve.


If you are currently using DCM standard tags, we ask that you provide the following as soon as possible:

  • Raw image asset
  • 1 X 1 impression tracker
  • Click tracker
Creative Size(s)

728×90, 300×250, 320x50, 970 X 250, 970 X 550

File Type

PNG/JPG/GIF (no Javascript or Flash)

One creative per placement. There is no creative or campaign rotation

 File Size

Maximum file size of 250KB

Animation Length 

30 seconds max; 5 fps; 3 loops 


Native Ads General Requirements

  • Creatives have a clear “Call to Action”

Native Ads Specifications 

Creative Requirements

Sponsored by

25 character maximum 


 25-90 characters

Image Format

Image Format 1: 1200x627 pixels, 1.91:1

Image Format 2: 1200x1200 pixels, 1:1

Body Text

Body Text 1: 100-150 characters 

Body Text 2 (Optional): 200-250 characters

CTA 15 characters
*Please note: Images for Native Ad Blueprint creatives can support a maximum file size of 1024KB.
*Please note: Logos for Native Ad Blueprint creatives can support a maximum file size of 250KB.
Native images vs logos: Native images are the images featured in a native creative, while native logos are the images of advertiser logos that are used above the featured image to notate the sponsorship.


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