Creating An Ad

The following steps will guide you on how to create a display ad. If you want to create a native ad, please confirm you have a blueprint in place and then refer to this article.

Note: If you are creating an ad in the Campaign/Line Item creation workflow, please work from step #5 below. 

1. Navigate to Campaign Manager and click on the ‘Ad Library’ icon on the left-hand navigation.


2. Select ‘Create New Ad’ in the upper right

3. Select ‘Upload Images' if you're going to upload images into the LiveIntent platform. 

NOTE: If you are going to create an ad from third party tags, please select 'Third Party Tags'. Please note that in this case, you will need to provide image source and 3rd party tag URLs in HTTPS format. 


4. Enter your Advertiser name in the ‘Advertiser Name’ box. Once you’ve entered your advertiser name, you’ll be prompted to link your ad to a line item. Enter the name or ID of the line item that you’d like to link. You can also select multiple Line Items to link your ad to. Note: The ‘Link Line Item’ option is not required.

5. Add a file to the Ad Builder by dragging and dropping or by choosing a file from your computer.

6. Fill out the Ad Builder Fields:



Advertiser - Enter your advertiser name.

Link To Line Item - Type in the Line Item name or ID to link this ad to a Line Item

Ad Name - Enter the name of your ad. You will be able to search for this ad by name in  your Ad Library.

Click URL - Enter the Click URL that your ad will click through to. Please note that you must use http:// or https:// in front of the domain name. You may also enter Macros in the Click URL - for more information, please refer to our Click URL Macro page

Note: Starting on 5/29/18, you will be unable to save a creative with a click URL that contains an incorrect macro. All previously saved creatives will still serve, but will unable to be edited and saved with an incorrect macro. Visit our Click URL Macro page for a list of available macros. 

Third Party Tracker - Enter a Third-Party Tracker if you use one.

External ID - Enter an External ID if you use one. 

7. To finish creating your ad, click ‘Save and Exit’

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