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Editing a Publisher

You can edit your Publisher details by clicking 'Edit' on the Publisher detail view. 

1. Edit the Details for your Publisher:




Email Contacts - Enter the email contacts that should get notifications about this publisher. 

Advanced Settings - Ads Must Be From Different Sources - Selecting this setting ensures that if there is more than one ad slot in a newsletter for this publisher, the demand source for those ad slots must be different (i.e., not the same advertiser).

Key-Value Pairs- Use this section to enter your KVPs for this publisher

Publisher Label - You can use this non-searchable section to make notes about this publisher. 

2. Fallback Creatives - Use the Ad Builder to create or link Fallback Ads for this publisher.

3. Demand Blocking - Select your Demand Blocking Settings:

IAB Category Blocklist - Select IAB Categories that you would like to prevent from advertising in this Publisher's inventory. 

LiveIntent Exchange Advertisers - Whitelist or Blacklist LiveIntent Exchange Advertisers from appearing in this inventory. 

RTB Advertisers - Whitelist or Blacklist RTB Advertisers from appearing in this inventory.  

4. RTB Settings Select whether you’d like to allow RTB demand for this publisher. Use ‘Inherit Setting from Media Group’ if you’d like this to be the same as at the Media Group level.

Transparency- Turn RTB transparency on or off. This will allow RTB partners to identify your inventory and drive higher bids. 

Publisher Floor - Enter the RTB floor for this Publisher

RTB Floors - Manage individual RTB partner floors. 

5. Click 'Save and Exit'. 

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