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Click-URL Macros and Accepted Characters

Accepted Characters 

All URLs submitted in the platform will only allow the following characters: a-z, 0-9, :,/ ,?, # , [ , ] , @ , ! , $ , & , ‘ , ( , ) , * , + , ; , =, . , - , _ , ~ , % , and spaces and commas.


Click URL Macros

When loading creatives in the LiveIntent platform (See the 'Creating An Ad' page for more information), you have the ability to include macros in the Click URL. As of May 29th, these macros will be validated, meaning that invalid macros will be unable to be saved at the creative level. All creatives that were previously created with 'old' macros will continue to serve.

If you try to upload a creative with an incorrect macro, you will see the below prompt: 


To view the list of valid macros in the platform, click on the blue 'view valid macros' text in the upper left corner of the screenshot. 

For a list of valid Macros, please see the below: 

Macro Value
${SECTION_ID} Ad Slot Id
${UNIX_TIME} UnixTime
${DECISION_TIME} DecisionTime
${PUBLISHER_ID} PublisherId
${CAMPAIGN_ID} CampaignId
${LINE_ITEM_ID} LineItemId
${DECISION_ID} DecisionId
${WIN_PRICE} WinPrice
${AUCTION_IMP_ID} Unique Impression ID
${TEMPLATE_ID} Template ID from bid context
${DEVICE_TYPE} Device Type from runtime.user_agent
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