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Creative Approval Tool

The Creative Approval tool is designed to let Publishers proactively manage the ads and advertisers that run in their newsletters by adding them to a Whitelist or Blocklist. It can be accessed here or under in the Inventory Manager section of the platform.

The advertisers are split between those working with LiveIntent as part of our exchange and  programmatic ads coming from RTB partners.

Active Advertisers Definition:

  • Creatives On Exchange - Advertisers that have campaigns starting in the next 14 days or who had a campaign running during the look-back period.
  • RTB Partner Domains - Advertisers who had a campaign running during the look-back period.

Getting Started:

You will need to select which publishers you are working on before you can start Blocklisting or whitelisting advertisers:

  1. Select your Media Group
  2. Select the blocking type you are working on (Whitelist or Blocklist).
  3. Select the Look-back period you’d like (7,14, or 30 days)
  4. Once you have selected the block type, publishers set with that block type will be available in the ‘Publishers’ field .
  5. You can select all your publishers by clicking ‘Select All Publishers’ or select one or more Publishers by clicking “Select Publishers”. Once your Publishers are selected, the creatives table will start to load. If you are managing a single Publisher account, your settings will automatically register and the creatives table will start to load.


Blocking and Whitelisting content:

  1. LiveIntent Exchange’s Direct Advertisers will be available by default. You can switch to manage RTB advertisers by selecting “RTB Partner Domains” in the ‘View All’ dropdown above the table.  
  2. Each advertiser domain has an entry. So if a site has separate ads for their UK and US sites, they may show up as two separate advertiser rows. A preview of one of their creatives will be visible in the table. Select “View More Creatives” to see all of the Advertiser’s currently running ads.
  3. If you see an ad you need to stop from running in your emails, click the “Add to Blocklist” button on the far left of that row. Once a domain is blocked it will remain blocked and so won’t display in the table in the future. You can undo an addition up until you leave or refresh the page. Multiple Publishers Note: A domain will still display in the creative’s table if any of the selected publishers is not blocking it. Blocking a domain will block it for all selected publishers.
  4. For Whitelist Publishers, the process is the same, with the exception that “Add to Whitelist” will allow an advertiser to appear in your emails and boost your CPMs.  


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