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Creative Approval Tool


Note: This tool will become available on August 30th

The creative approval tool is an extension of the publisher's whitelist/blacklist of allowed domains. 

For Exchange Demand

A. Select the publisher that you'd like to approve creatives for. 

B. Select the time frame that you'd like to look at (looking back from today's date). 

C. Select 'Creatives on the Exchange' to include ads from our SSP and DSP demand

D. This button adds the domain of the advertiser to your blocklist or whitelist

E. Creative preview of latest creative

F. View all recent creatives


For RTB Demand

Select 'RTB Partner Domains' in the View All field. 

A. Download the entire CSV if there are a large number of RTB domains

B. Use this button to add advertisers to your whitelist or blocklist

C. Even though you won't see creatives, you can inspect the domains that have impressions in the exchange. 


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