Mock-Up Tool


The newsletter mock-up tool allows platform users to easily create mock-ups of their inventory, saving time and effort. The tool is available for any users with permission to view publisher details. 

To use the tool, you must first add to your newsletter distribution lists. If you do not add LiveSeeds to your distribution lists, you will be unable to access the mock-up tool.

*A Note on Google's September 2020 Chrome Update: This update extended the adoption of Chrome's "blocking mixed content" policy, making the blocking of "insecure http subresources on https (SSL secured) pages" a default setting. If you are not using an https secure CNAME, your ability to use the mock-up tool may be impacted. 

If you are impacted, we recommend:

  1. Upgrading to an https SSL secure CNAME
  2. Confirming your newsletter content links are also secure (include https)

Alternatively, the Mozilla Firefox browser can be used to access the mock-up tool. However, please note that LiveIntent has no control over when Mozilla Firefox may adopt default settings similar to Google Chrome.  

Using the tool

You can navigate to the mock-up tool by going to the Inventory Manager section of the platform and selecting the 'Mockups' tab. 

1. Select a publisher and corresponding newsletter that you'd like to mock-up. 



2. Replace the blank ad slots with ads. You can replace by clicking 'Replace Creative' and uploading a file (A) or dragging and dropping a file (B). If you need to restart, click 'Create New Mockup' (C).


3. Once you replace the images with that of the advertiser, click 'View in New Tab'. 

4. Right-click and select 'Inspect' on the newsletter:


5. Select the 'Toggle Device Toolbar' by selecting the device icon:


6. Select which device type you would like to use. 


7.  Click top three buttons on the upper right hand side, and select 'capture full size screenshot':



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