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Set Up Attribution & Tracking for Campaigns via DV360

For those of you using Campaign Manager (CM) to traffic campaigns in DV360, we advise you to follow the guidelines for post-view and post-click conversion tracking.

Setting up view-through attribution 

Using a CM impression tracker helps with view-through attribution

Step 1: Export the impression tracker

From the Campaigns dashboard in Campaign Manager, select and export/download the 1x1 tracking tag you want to use for the LiveIntent ad. 

Step 2: Copy the URL in the impression tracker

Copy the URL from the impression tracking tag that you’ve exported. 





Step 3: Paste the URL in the impression tracker

Paste the URL into the Impression tracking URL 1 field during the creative setup in Campaign Manager.


Setting up click-through attribution 

Using a CM click tracker helps with click-through attribution. 


Step 1: Create a NEW 1x1 click tracking ad in Campaign Manager

Be sure to click Override parent click event tag and select the LiveIntent click tag. Use this override option for LiveIntent placements only. 

Pro Tip

Click event tags are created at the campaign level.

Click event tags are assigned at the ad level.

 Be sure to use a unique tracking ad for each 1x1 placement.


Heads Up

Campaign Manager allows you to create up to 20 unique click event tags in a single campaign.


Step 2: Export the click tracker

Select the tracking ad you want to use for the LiveIntent ad from the list.


Step 3: Copy the entire URL 

Copy the URL that is the entire click tracking tag.



Step 4: Paste click URL into click event tag field

Within Google Campaign Manager, click on your campaign and open the Click event tags under campaign properties. 

Paste the click tracking URL you copied in the last step into the Tag URL field in Campaign Manager. 

More information is available on the Campaign Manager Help Center.

Heads Up

You may see duplicate click numbers in your DV360 reports. 

  • Clicks counted by DV360 are labeled Creative Type = Tracking.
  • Clicks counted by CM are labeled Creative Type = Not Set.

Post-click conversions will not be duplicated in Campaign Manager.


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