Ad-Free Audiences

You can prevent ads from displaying in your email newsletters for specified lists of customers, for example:
  • Opted out from seeing ads
  • Premium paid memberships
  • Qualify as VIP customers

How to Suppress Ads 

Step 1: Create a file of hashed email addresses of the customers you’d like to suppress.

Step 2: Email your Customer Success Rep with "Ad-Free Audience Request" in the Subject line.

Step 3: Your LiveIntent team will use the file to block ads for that audience in your email newsletters.

Limitations & Considerations

  • Suppressing ads for Ad-Free Audiences is applied at the Publisher level, and includes all newsletters and ad slots created under that publisher in the platform. Suppression at the newsletter or ad slot level is unavailable at this time.
  • An Ad-Free Audience can be shared across the Media Group after it is enabled for a publisher in the platform. If you want the Ad-Free Audience to be shared across your Media Group, please note that in the request to your LiveIntent team. 
  • Ad-Free Audiences are limited to one per publisher. If you have two or more lists for suppression, they will need to be combined into one file.
  • The platform will still show a match rate for Ad-Free Audiences, but ads will not be shown to the customers on that list.  
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