Learning Mode

*This article contains content relevant to LiveIntent’s self-service advertisers.

What is Learning Mode?

Learning Mode is an essential step in the campaign process. During Learning Mode, LiveIntent’s machine learning works to identify the conditions needed for campaigns to launch successfully and achieve scale and performance. 

Why Learning Mode matters

Campaigns running in Learning Mode test against a host of variables, like different audiences and ad slot placements, to determine what works best for your campaign. The learnings collected are then used to optimize the campaign in the most efficient ways possible. For example, calculating the optimal daily budget for winning conversions. 

While Learning Mode is critical to understanding how to best optimize a campaign, please keep in mind that it is very much a testing period. Learning Mode’s results are not representative of an entire campaign performance but instead are used to inform the extended success of the campaign. 

Spend during Learning Mode

Campaigns with the ‘Achieving CPA’ performance goal are required to initially run in Learning Mode to determine if scale is possible. To ensure optimal learnings during Learning Mode it’s important that campaigns follow the spend guidelines below: 

Spend during Learning Mode is contingent upon the campaign’s CPA goal. 

  • Campaigns with CPA goals less than ~$4.50 will spend $100 daily. 
  • Campaigns with CPA goals greater than $4.50 will spend above $100 daily. 
    • CPA goals higher than $4.50, must have higher daily spend caps in order to reach the Max Conversion Limit and ensure optimal learnings. 
  • When setting a campaign’s Daily Cap during Learning Mode please note that the higher the "Daily Cap", the more room the campaign will have to succeed and scale once performance is reached.

Example: If a campaign has a CPA goal of $20, the minimum daily spend required to exit Learning Mode is ~$400 per day. If the campaign’s Daily Cap is set below ~$400, it is unlikely the campaign will reach scale. 

Exiting Learning Mode

‘Achieving CPA’ performance campaigns will run in Learning Mode for a minimum of three days with a goal of reaching fifty conversions, also known as the Max Conversion Limit. 

  • If the Max Conversion Limit is reached within the three day period, the campaign will exit Learning Mode spend and be able to spend up to the Daily Cap. 
  • If the campaign doesn’t hit the Max Conversion Limit during the initial three days, the campaign will continue in Learning Mode for an additional seven days. 
    • If the campaign reaches the Max Conversion Limit during those seven days it will exit Learning Mode.
    • If the campaign does not reach the Max Conversion Limit during those seven days it will exit Learning Mode and campaign spend will drastically drop. 
      • Your LiveIntent team can offer advice on how to adjust daily spend and CPA goals for campaigns launching in Learning Mode.
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