LiveConnect Email Extension Configuration - General Instructions

Below are the general instructions for configuring the LiveConnect Email Extension. You can also check to see if your email service provider has specific configuration steps in our instructions by ESP article.


Configuring the LiveConnect Email Extension will provide enhanced signal to newsletter ad optimization by being able to capture click data on all content URLs, not just LiveTags. This also helps increase the number of newsletter subscribers that DSPs can target and enable programmatic and first-party data opportunities.


If you have any questions during this setup process, please contact your LiveIntent Account Manager.


*Note: Placing a LiveConnect tag on your website is a prerequisite to configuring the LiveConnect Email Extension. If you need to add your LiveConnect tag please follow the website implementation instructions or reach out to your LiveIntent Account Team. 



Configuring the LiveConnect Email Extension is a method of expanded attribution for clicks driven by newsletter content. It will also be placed on LiveTags and SafeRTB tags. The LiveConnect Email Extension functions by creating a unique identifier per user and acts similarly to how UTM parameters track marketing campaigns.


Adding the LiveConnect Email Extension with a unique identifier has two primary benefits:

  • Improving the resolution of probabilistic matches to your inventory, potentially increasing revenue. 
  • Ensuring click attribution remains available despite the third-party cookie restrictions imposed by most modern web browsers.

This guide is a basic primer on how to add the LiveConnect Email Extension manually to ESPs who don’t natively support a unique ID.


Before you start

It is a requirement of the LiveConnect Email Extension that you have LiveIntent’s LiveConnect tags placed on your content pages. 


Abridged General Instructions

  1. Add a New Field or column to your “Contacts” or “List”, naming it uniqueid or some other equivalent as allowed by your ESP.
  2. Insert a unique ID (identifier) per unique email address in your list into the new field you just created.
    • The unique ID should not be derived from a plaintext email address or an email hash.
  3. Append the unique ID to all content or landing page links within your template using the lctg=[[uniqueid]] format.
  4. Update the LiveTag image & SafeRTB tag URLs to include the same parameter lctg=[[uniqueid]] on all images and pixels.
  5. After configuring, send a test email to
  6. Please notify your LiveIntent contact to confirm the successful configuration of the LiveConnect Email Extension.


Detailed General Instructions

  1. In most ESPs, there will be a set of fields (such as Email, First Name, Last Name) which is usually called “Contacts”, “List”, “Leads, or “Email List”.
  2. Add a “New Field” to this Contact List. This field will be used for the lctg= parameter’s unique ID. You should name this field uniqueid if possible.
  3. Insert or populate a unique ID (identifier) per unique email address. There are some ESPs that support inserting a simple numeric string, and that works, as long as it is unique per email address. If your ESP does not support an automatic number system, you can copy and paste (or insert) a set of random IDs that can be generated externally. 
  4. Append the newly populated uniqueid parameter to all the URLs in your newsletter/template. 
    • Most ESPs support appending unique fields for personalization, such as inserting a subscriber’s name into a specific location in a template. This is usually accomplished by inserting a snippet of text such as: [[FieldName]] or {{FieldName}}
    • *Please refer to your ESP’s documentation or knowledge base for the correct format.
    • FieldName in this case would be replaced by the actual name of the field, which was created in step two, ideally uniqueid or an equivalent.
  5. If your ESP supports a global URL append, insert the unique ID’s field name into this append.
    • If your ESP does not support a global URL append, you will need to add the FieldName, in the ESPs documented format to all the content links in your template.
      • For example, if your content was a link that looked like this:
    • You would append ?lctg=[[uniqueid]] to the end of all content or landing page links within your template, resulting in your link being the following:[[uniqueid]]
    • If there were existing parameters in the URL, you would append &lctg=[[uniqueid]] to the end of them.
  6. Update the LiveTag image tag and SafeRTB tag to include the &lctg=[[uniqueid]] parameter in all URLs.
    • Example SafeRTB tags would look like this:


    • An example of the LiveTag image tag would look like this:
  7. After configuring, send a test email to
  8. Please notify your LiveIntent account team to confirm the successful configuring of the LiveConnect Email Extension.

Should you have any questions about this process, or would like assistance in getting your templates set up with the correct parameters, please feel free to contact us at, or directly through your LiveIntent Account Team.



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