Troubleshooting Audience Files

If you are experiencing errors when uploading audience files in Audience Manager or elsewhere, we recommend following the below troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check to make sure the list is formatted correctly. Properly formatted files should have:
  • Only 1 column.
  • No titles, column labels, or other text. The first row should start with the first ID (email, hashed email, or MAID).
  • Only 1 ID per line.
  • No uppercase letters.
  • No salted hashes.
  • No extra spaces or special characters.
      • No spaces before or after the ID.
      • Remove any and all formatting.

Example of a BAD hash that includes spaces:

E 0aa4dc853af 291878b37984863655e7

Example of a GOOD and proper hash:



Note: if uploading hashed emails, please make sure your hashes follow the required character length:

  • MD5 hash is 32 characters.
  • SHA-1 hash is 40 characters.
  • SHA-256 hash is 64 characters.
  1. Check that the file is saved as a .txt or a .csv.
  • No other file format is supported.
  1. If you’ve confirmed that the file is properly formatted but you are still experiencing errors, please reach out to your LiveIntent team.
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