Building a Native Creative in The Trade Desk

LiveIntent’s The Trade Desk (TTD) integration allows you access to exclusive email newsletter inventory. Below is how to make a Hosted Native creative in The Trade Desk.

If you have never worked with LiveIntent before, please reach out to your TTD representative to enable LiveIntent as a Supply Vendor.

Native Creative Specs

Field  Description  Notes

Square format image with 1:1 aspect ratio.

Min. 100 x 100 pixels

Max width/height: 2000 pixels 

Max. file size: 1200 KB

Formats: JPG, PNG

Main Image Minimum size: 1200x628 pixels
Aspect ratio: 1.91:1
Supported image file formats: jpg, png
Maximum width/height: 2000 pixels
Maximum file size: 1200 KB
Write the advertiser name.
Long Title Primary text. 90 characters 
Long Description Lengthier text describing a brand or product. 140 characters 
Landing Page URL

A short version of the landing page URL to display in some native layouts via TTD. 

For example,

30 characters 

Text encouraging people to take action.

For example, Shop Now.

20 characters 

Adding a Native Creative

1. Traffic display creatives

  • Navigate to “Campaigns” and select “Upload Creative.”
  • Select the “Hosted Native” format.
  • Upload a “Main Image” and “Logo."

2a. Input copy

  • Input the creative “Name”, “Landing Page URL”, “Title”, “Description,” “Sponsor”, and “Call to Action.”
  • If you would like to align Ad Server reporting with TTD reporting, you can add Ad Server and Creative Placement ID to tie both ids.

2b. Input trackers

  • Input the click tracker under “Clickthrough URL.”
  • DO NOT input any tags within Javascript Tracking Tags 1-3. 

*Please note: Javascript tags are not supported within the email environment and will prevent spend entirely.

  • Input your 1x1 impression (image) tag in ‘“1x1 Pixel Impression Tracking URL.”
  • If you have additional non-javascript tags for measurement you can input them in the other “1x1 Pixel Impression Tracking URL” sections.

2c. Input flight

  • Input the “Start Date,” “End Date,” and “Time Zone.”
  • Once complete, select “Create” to finalize the creative.

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