Building a Native Creative in The Trade Desk

LiveIntent’s The Trade Desk (TTD) integration allows you access to exclusive email newsletter inventory. Below is how to make a Hosted Native creative in The Trade Desk.

If you have never worked with LiveIntent before, please reach out to your TTD representative to make LiveIntent available.


Native Creative Specs

  • Main image: supports a maximum of three images at no more than 2000x2000 pixels each. The Trade Desk recommends using a 1200x627 size (1.91:1 aspect ratio).
  • Logo: no more than 512x512 pixels. The Trade Desk recommends using a 200x200 logo size (1:1 aspect ratio).
  • Landing page URL: the main URL you want your users to click through.
  • Short title: up to 25 characters (best for mobile).
  • Long title: up to 90 characters (best for desktop). While only one title is required, The Trade Desk recommends including short and long title options to optimize for best user experience.
  • Short description: up to 90 characters (best for mobile). 
  • Long description: up to 140 characters (best for desktop). While only one description is required, The Trade Desk recommends including short and long description options to optimize for best user experience.
  • Sponsor: the name of the advertiser. Will appear with the native content as a "Sponsored By" or "Promoted By" tagline. 
  • Call to action: text such as "Learn More" or "Buy Now" will appear on a button and should encourage the user to click through to the landing page. 


Adding a Native Creative

1. In the Creative section, select ‘+ new creative’ and select "Hosted Native" as the creative type within the drop down.

2. Upload at least one file (maximum of three) to serve as the main image of the native ad unit. LiveIntent recommends submitting 1 image that will run across Desktop and Mobile with approx. resolution 1200x627.

3. Upload the brand logo that will appear next to the "Ad by <Brand>" text. This is optional in The Trade Desk but highly recommended by LiveIntent to get the most branding value out of every impression.



4. Enter the name of the creative. This will only appear in The Trade Desk platform and will not show up on the actual ad unit.

5. Enter the landing page URL of the brand's homepage. This will not appear in the ad unit but is used for reporting.

6. Enter a headline for the ad unit (called "title" in The Trade Desk). LiveIntent allows 90 characters max.

7. Enter a description for the ad unit. LiveIntent allows 150-characters max.

8. Enter the brand name in the "Sponsor" field.




9. Enter the URL or Click tracker of the page to which the ad will click through.

10. Enter third party impression tracking URL. NOTE: Only third party 1x1 Impression (Image) & Click Trackers allowed.



11. Enter the flight dates for the creative.

12. Hit "Create" to finalize the creative.

13. The creative is done! Click "Go to creative" to view.

After inputting these elements, the user can set up pixels, attributes, associations and segments as normal.




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