Updates to Targeting in Response to Apple's MPP

Due to Apple's new feature with iOS 15 called Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), there will be changes to targeting capabilities for your LiveIntent campaigns. To learn more about MPP, please click here. 


Targeting on Device Type

Much like Google and Yahoo, Apple is setting up a server proxy that masks our ability to know if a user is on their phone, tablet, and desktop device. This means we cannot target Apple users by device type. 


Line Item Targeting

If you are using LiveIntent's platform to manage your own advertising campaigns, you will notice a change to the device types in the targeting section.




We have updated the device types to:

  • PC - device is identified as a laptop or desktop, such as a Dell or Lenovo computer.
  • Phone - device is identified as a mobile device, such as a smartphone.
  • Tablet - device is identified as a tablet device, such as a Microsoft Surface.
  • GoogleProxy - device is using Google Mail.
  • AppleMPPProxy - device is using Apple Mail and has opted into Mail Privacy Protection.
  • Apple Mail - device is using Apple Mail but has not opted into Mail Privacy Protection.
  • YahooMailProxy - device is using Yahoo Mail.

You still may choose to target users of Apple devices (either Apple Mail or Apple MPPProxy), however, please note that reporting on impressions and impression-based metrics will not be reflective of true email opens. For more information on impacts to reporting, please click here.

You also may choose to exclude users of Apple devices. Please work with your LiveIntent team to come up with the right strategy for your campaigns.

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