LiveConnect Email Extension for Publishers


What is the LiveConnect Email Extension? 

The LiveConnect Email Extension is simply an additional URL parameter LiveIntent recommends that publishers add to all URLs within their newsletter to maximize newsletter monetization and improve the identity of their site visitors.

What problem does it help solve? 

As browsers continue to impose cookie limitations, legacy identity solutions built upon third-party cookies will have a more challenging time identifying website visitors, impacting publishers’ ability to monetize website traffic. 

Mobile devices, apps, and browsers like Firefox and Safari already block third-party cookies. With Google joining the group soon (2024), we’re looking at a future where close to 69%* of browser traffic will block third-party cookies. As a result, publishers relying on solutions that leverage third-party cookies stand to put close to 52%** of their programmatic ad revenue at risk. 

*W3 Counter: Browser Market Share, Sept 2022

**Effect of disabling third-party cookies on publisher revenue, Google, 2019


How does it help solve it? 

By configuring the LiveConnect Email Extension, publishers can expand the number of authenticated links between hashed email addresses and first-party cookies anchored around a secure nonID. 

Because the LiveConnect Email Extension is appended to all content URLs, this helps extend the site visitor resolution picture already captured by the LiveConnect tag. Specifically it: 

  • Increases the volume of clicks 
  • Increases the number of deterministic links 
  • Enables more accurate mapping 
  • Improves site visitor resolution 


Adding the LiveConnect Email Extension 

Publishers can add the LiveConnect Email Extension to their newsletter URLs by editing the settings in their email service provider (ESP). 

We’ve created step-by-step instructions for the following verified ESPs and a set of general, non-ESP-specific instructions so publishers can easily make this edit. The verified ESPs include: 

  • Braze 
  • Bronto 
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Campaigner
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit 
  • Iterable
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp 
  • Marketo
  • PostUp 
  • Sailthru 
  • Zeta Global

For publishers using an ESP other than the ones listed above, your LiveIntent team is here to help and can work with your ESP manager on adding the LiveConnect Email Extension to newsletter URLs.


For further instructions on LiveConnect Email Extension, please see the following Knowledge Base articles: 

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