Creating/Editing An Ad Slot

You can access the Ad Slot creation workflow by clicking on ‘Create Ad Slot’ in the Media Group Overview or in the Newsletter Overview. You can edit the Ad Slot by selecting ‘Edit’ in the Ad Slot detail view.


1. Fill out the Basic Details for your Ad Slot:

Ad Slot Name

This will be the searchable name for your ad slot.

Ad Type

Select 'Fixed Ratio'

Allow Exchange 

Select whether you’d like to allow Exchange demand in this Ad Slot, or click ‘Inherit Allow Exchange from Newsletter’ to Inherit settings from the Newsletter level.

2. In the Ad Slot Settings section, select the ad sizes that you would like to allow to serve into the ad slot. You can choose from the pre-populated list of standard sizes, or add custom sizes. If you select only a single size, the ad slot will default to being a static unit that will not collapse. If you'd like your single size ad unit to collapse, you can select the collapsibility checkbox. 

Here are the different scenarios for tag collapsibility:

  • Ad slot with one size, and checkbox checked = unit will collapse
  • Ad slot with one size, and checkbox is NOT checked = unit will remain static
  • Ad slot with multiple sizes, and checkbox is checked = unit will collapse
  • Ad slot with multiple sizes, and checkbox is NOT checked = unit will collapse


3.. Select whether you’d like to allow RTB demand in this Ad Slot. If you'd like to allow RTB demand, fill out the following sections:


Turn RTB transparency on or off. This will allow RTB partners to identify your inventory and drive higher bids. 

Ad Slot Floor

Set the RTB floor for this Ad Slot

RTB Floors

Manage the RTB floors for LiveIntent RTB partners. 

4. Click ‘Save and Exit’

Note: For full implementation, please make sure that is subscribed to your mailing lists, and that you have sent an activation email to


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