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Trafficking Ads for Email in DV360

Within Display & Video 360, ads running on the LiveIntent platform must be set up as native ads.  

The LiveIntent platform uses an image flattening service to render creative components as a single image within the banner size(s) supported by your chosen supply partners. Available sizes for creatives coming through DV360 include 970x250, 970x550, 300x250. 

Step 1: Start to build a native ad in DV360

In DV360 visit the Creative tab > Format Gallery and select the Native option along the top navigation bar.

Click Create beneath Native display.


Step 2: Provide the required creative components

Within the creative details screen, fill in the required fields: headline, logo, main image, body text, and advertiser name.



Max Length


Square format image with 1:1 aspect ratio.

Min. 100 x 100 pixels

Max width/height: 2000 pixels 

Max. file size: 1200 KB

Formats: JPG, PNG



Use high-resolution images. For best results, 1200x627 with 1.91:1 aspect ratio. DV360 allows minimal text within images, avoid using too much text or your creative may be rejected.


Advertiser Name

Write the advertiser name

25 characters


Primary text.

25 characters

Body Text

Lengthier text describing a brand or product.

90 characters

Caption URL

A short version of the landing page URL to display in some native layouts via DV360. 

For example,

30 characters

Call to Action 

Text encouraging people to take action.

For example, Shop Now.

15 characters


Pro Tip 

The headline is the most important element of a native ad. Write headlines that convey a strong brand image and read like content or sentences, instead of offers or pure product names.


Step 3: Link the creative to a Campaign Manager tracking tag

Expand the serving properties section below the Call to action field.  

Within the Campaign Manager tracking ad field, link the native creative to the appropriate Campaign Manager placement. 

In the Impression tracking URL 1 field, use the image impression tracker URL from Campaign Manager.


Step 4: Select LiveIntent as the inventory source

Within the Insertion Order details or Line Item details, set LiveIntent as your inventory source. You’ll find LiveIntent nested under BidSwitch. Check the box next to LiveIntent. 

Be sure to uncheck the box next to BidSwitch so that you’re unsubscribed. Also, be sure to turn off the “deal / always-on deals”.



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