Conversion Reconciliation Process


To help you confidently measure your campaign performance, LiveIntent uses our identity graph to connect campaign impressions to the conversions on your website tracked with LiveConnect.

  1. The LiveConnect tag passes identifiers, such as first-party website cookies, to each tracked conversion or event. 
  2. Then, our graph identifies who has converted, represented by a unique hashed email that is active in the LiveIntent exchange.
  3. Your Customer Success team will request a copy of your conversion data to compare to the LiveIntent log files.
  4. LiveIntent will compile conversion reports that reflect the post-click and post-view conversions mapped to impressions served by LiveIntent.


Heads Up

Before getting started, be sure that the LiveConnect setup on your site has been tested and reviewed by the LiveIntent team to ensure conversion events are properly tracked. Please reach out to your Customer Success team for assistance.


Step 1: Pull Conversion Reports

Your LiveIntent team requests your conversion log data, which you can provide by granting view access to your Google Analytics instance OR in the form of an XLS or CSV file. 

By granting your LiveIntent team access to pull reports from your Google Analytics instance, you give us permission to pull only the following pieces of data:

  • Timestamp
  • Transaction ID 
  • Traffic source
  • Device type and ID
  • Email hash, if available with conversion events

To pull your own report from Google Analytics, go to Explore > + Create a new exploration.

Include the following in the Dimensions section:

  • Date 
  • Session Source/Medium
  • Transaction ID

Include the following in the Metrics section:

  • Transactions


Pro Tip 

It is best to pull conversion data after the first 30 days of the campaign. You can set the right cadence to analyze subsequent conversion data with your LiveIntent Customer Success team.

Step 2: Analyze Conversions Data

The LiveIntent Optimization team runs an Order ID analysis to compare 

  • Order IDs Liveintent has tracked as conversions from campaigns in our platform 
  • Order IDs labeled with LiveIntent as the source, most commonly based on a last-click model


The Optimization team analyzes the report(s) to identify all conversions tied to impressions served from Liveintent, from both a post-click and post-view perspective to ensure attribution accounts for multiple source types:

  • Full credit: Organic or search is specified as the source for a conversion event that occurs within 24 hours of an impression from a LiveIntent campaign.
  • Half credit: Another paid media channel is specified as the last-click source, but the conversion event occurs within 24 hours of an impression from a Liveintent campaign.
  • No credit: A paid channel is specified as the source where LiveIntent impressions are not likely to affect the conversion (i.e., paid social).


Step 3: Agree on the Attribution Credit Moving Forward

Your LiveIntent team will review the analysis with you, and together we’ll decide how to proceed, assigning full or half credit to both post-click and post-view conversions moving forward.

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