Creative Best Practices

Clear creative sets expectations and inspires action. Below are some of our most important best practices to reference when evaluating your creative!

Use strong colors

Colors can both establish brand and influence behavior. Make every color choice informed and deliberate.

Less is more

It’s always better to test a lot of simple creatives than one creative with everything on it.

Always be branding

Keep your logo visible and complementary to the overall design.

Keep messaging simple

Keep it short and to the point. Messaging needs to capture attention, demonstrate value, and set expectations.

Ensure it can be read on all devices

According to eMarketer, 23.3% of our time spent consuming media is on mobile. Be sure your copy is able to be read on any device it might be seen.

Enable top-performing ad sizes 

Campaigns should always include our three main sizes for all line items: 300x250, 970x250 & 970x550.

Include a call-to-action

Let the person know exactly what they are clicking on the ad to do so that when they arrive at the landing page, they are ready to do it.


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