Dynamic Product Ads: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dynamic Product Ads uses LiveConnect to capture shopper behavior on your website for the purpose of informing data-driven ads in LiveIntent inventory.  The insights collected include products views, shopping carts, and purchases.  These intent insights power dynamic ad creatives for customers with products they have interacted with, or relevant up-sells and cross-sells. LiveIntent calculates the best product to display to each individual customer, with the goal of efficiently producing a conversion.

LiveIntent is able to accomplish this via our LiveConnect Tag, in conjunction with your website's product feed.  LiveConnect loads asynchronously and does not influence page load times or other aspects of the user experience of your website.

You can find the general LiveConnect FAQ here


What does the LiveConnect Tag do on my website?

LiveConnect connects the Liveintent Identity Graph (ID) Graph, one of the world's largest and most powerful open identity graphs, to your brand's data (cookie and CRM), enabling people-based marketing. 


How big is the LiveConnect Website Tag? Does it Add Latency?

The LiveConnect tag is 32.5kb, and loaded asynchronously and does not add latency to your website's load time (5 milliseconds).


Do I need to sign a new agreement for LiveConnect?

You do not need to sign a new agreement to use LiveConnect


What data is collected by LiveConnect?

We have worked with leading partners, including a leading financial services firm and national e-commerce retailer, to create terms that ensure the safety and proper use of your data. The LiveIntent legal counsel is available to review the terms of use and answer any questions that you or your team may have. 


Is my data collected by LiveConnect shared?

LiveIntent does not share our clients' proprietary data. the LiveIntent legal counsel is available to review the terms of use and answer any questions that you or your team may have. 


How does LiveIntent decide what product to show in a Dynamic Creative?

We display the last product the customer viewed on the website or added to their cart. 


What are the creative limitations?

We only support static images, generated from the assets you provide. Currently carousels (rotating product images) is not supported. Your account team can provide a detailed creative spec. 


What are the acceptable product feed formats?

We can accept most product feeds that conform to Google or Facebook product feed specifications


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