Inventory Manager Overview

Inventory Manager is the section of the LiveIntent platform that, allows you to manage and control your email newsletter inventory. Once you’ve logged in to the LiveIntent platform, you can navigate to Inventory Manager by clicking on the ‘Inventory Manager’ option in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

screenshot1.pngInventory Manager is divided into a few sections, which you can move between using the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen.


To learn more about each section, click on the corresponding link below:

Creative Approval Tool - This tool is designed to let Publishers proactively manage the ads and advertisers that run in their newsletters by adding them to an allow list or block list.

Inventory - This is where you can access, create, and edit your Publishers, Newsletters, and Ad Slots

Mockups - The newsletter mock-up tool allows platform users to easily create mock-ups of their inventory, saving time and effort.

Native Blueprints - LiveIntent’s Native Ad Blueprints brings a fluid and flexible approach to native email inventory, allowing you to define the appearance of your native ad slots to ensure a seamless reading experience.

Packages - Packages are custom bundles of your inventory or audiences. Packages are reusable, making it easier to manage your campaigns by allowing you to select a predetermined group rather than having to select each individual ad slot every time you set up a campaign.


For Information on Direct-Selling, click on the links below:

Creating a Direct-Sold or House Advertiser

Setting Up A Direct-Sold/House Campaign or Line Item

Creating An Ad


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